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In Search Of The Missing Words Nasser Hasib Siddiqui, North South University

As we grow up, within the mechanical adult there is a child in everyone that keeps the deep human side alive. It is the most vulnerable side of us available to just a handful. The play doll in the girl’s hand is a metaphor for that child in us. We as adults do everything to protect that child, turning its face away from harsh truth as portrayed by turning the doll’s face away. However, more times than not we stand in a position of utter helplessness and see our most dearly loved being get squashed by cruel reality. Initially this video might resonate as the story of a sex worker however; I intended to keep the setting ambiguous to leave the judgment onto the audience. This story can be portrayed as story of a sex worker, story of a girl in abusive relationship, story of molested maids who are given money as wage for being the house help or even a marital relationship where there is only the use of a woman’s body, but no love. Frustration can make people choose death as an easy option. But, sometimes is not an option to kill yourself but the child in us dies, the innocence and absolute belief in good people is gone with it. We slowly become the monster we feared left hollow. While the girl hung her play doll she dehumanized herself.