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WAR: Waste, A source of Resource- Learn to Empower Sadia Jafrin, Amina azad, Jahangirnogor University

Waste is a resource out of place. We saw that there was lots of waste littering here and there that made the environment hazardous. We chose this since we realized that Bangladesh does have waste management awareness but the awareness is built within people of higher class but the exposure of waste is within the people of lower class. But there is less awareness built among them, it is them who are aware of the details of waste. So we decided to work with them specially with girl and women who are unemployed. And felt that it was necessary for them to understand how waste and poverty can be interconnected. How waste recycles can help them to earn and live sustainably. It is a bonus process since they are keeping the environment clean and earning from waste disposal. They need to understand the prior benefits of keeping the environment clean as a responsible citizen. And how a clean environment gives us a healthy life. So are going to start our project. To understand that waste is also a source of resource and its utilization is important. And how they can use such accessible ‘resource’ as a means of income. Nor will they learn themselves but also motivate their parents and community as well specially for house wife. We invited potential environmental specialist and activists to conduct weekly sessions on waste management, recycling process and sustainability. We also invited few small scale entrepreneurs to teach our kids specially female student how to start up a business with recycled materials. In order to implement what they learnt from the workshops they organized talk shows to aware the students of other classes and road shows to aware the community about waste management. They installed dustbins within the school and in the community to ease the recycling process as well as keeping the environment clean. To make a huge impact they met with the ex- State Minister Advocate Shahara Khatun MP, Dhaka-18 to let her know about their suffering due to waste. In order to transform their knowledge to the community they started to teach their parents about importance of waste management and use recycled materials as a source of income. The environment and the economy are really both two sides of the same coin. If we can not sustain the environment, we can not sustain ourselves. That is the motto of W​aste, A​ source of R​esource - WAR​ to learn to empower.