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Mendalilkan Kasih (Postulating Love) Fauzan Cakra Dermawan, Hasanuddin University

Mendalilkan Kasih (Postulating Love) tells the story of an ordinary married couple who live their lives just like the others. Happiness and sadness are certainly the part of episodes in their relationships. Like the prevalence in society, Nisa who served her role as a housewife serves all the needs of Ya’qub, her husband, in a good way. But the problems began to approach the couple when Ya’qub’s problem in the office had the impact on their household. Feeling so depressed by the circumstances, Ya’qub’s emotions became unstable. In an occasion, their quarrel made Ya’qub almost out of control to slap Nisa. And to solve their problems, Nisa finally called Ali, Ya’qub’s old friend since high school. Engagement of Ali in resolving the problem was not an intervention for Ya’qub, due to their friendship had been good for a long time. In fact, Nisa has also known Ali well before. Ali’s position as an old friend of Ya’qub and also a religious leader of Islam in the area certainly made him have an opportunity to solve Ya’qub and Nisa’s problems and to implement the right mindset towards the issue from his point of view as a religious leader. So at the end of the story, the role of Ali as a close person to the family of Ya’qub and a religious leader is central to being told as one of the solutions to solve the problem of violence against women and especially the domestic violence issue both in Indonesia and elsewhere in the world.