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Bhabi's Urban Gardening Shafiqua Nawrin Oishi, Asian University for Women

Only with 11.2% forest, Bangladesh is among the Asian countries with least forest area. Dhaka being its capital reflects the scenario where the total population is about 19 million and counting. Being one of the most densely populated capitals, 24 thousand people lives per square kilometers. Even in such situation when fresh air and some green for the eye is hard to find, one woman came up with a solution. Anima Bhabi (sister-in-law) has brought the idea of Urban Gardening to Dhaka. She made every available corner of her home and office a garden where not only flowers but fruits and vegetables are grown. These vegetable are presented in every day’s meal at her office. Even the compost that she is using is the organic wastes from her home and office. Bhabi has brought some greens to the concrete forest of Dhaka. She has kept her work in promoting wellbeing and healthy living lifestyles with her organization Work for Better Bangladesh (WBB) and Institute of Well-Being (IWB). She feels if people in Dhaka use their free spaces and plant some trees that will be the first step from our side to fight against the rough environment of Dhaka.