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I don't want grandma to talk Zhu Yun, China Academy of Art

My sister-in-law, the main actress of the film, came from the small valley where everyone cheat by playing the trick “Taoqianbi” to earn illegal money. She struggled to get rid of her destiny but economic burden, family expectation on women and lack of direction all discourage her from being independent. The society has paid its attention to physical harm but hardly mental abuse onto women. Various mental abuse to women in family are more detrimental to easily-seen gender inequality. Chinese women bear much moral burden and do not have means to fight back. It is just a start of my 10-year-plan of filming family stories to look into the mental struggles of women. In the story, the grandma, the mum and the kid represent three generations of women and prophet the life cycle of women in rural China. Through the eye view of the kid, the film focuses on exploring how women struggle in family and how conflict in family harms children.