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A Little Longer... Stand by HER Drishya Gurung, Asian University for Women (AUW)

Most of the Women experience different forms of sexual harassment, from the time they step outside their home. No matter where they are, or whatever age-group they belong to, women are vulnerable to such gender based violence. Whether it is in public transportation, public places, hospital, school, and even at home, women can be at a great risk of such abuse. Thus, in the video young women from South Asia share their experiences of the sexual harassment and abuse, and the way they have overcome it. If women are prone to such verbal, non-verbal and physical harassment everyday in both public and private arenas, what sort of women empowerment are we really expecting, by ignoring such coarse conduct? So, I believe that it is a high time to speak out, and refuse to accept sexual harassment as a part of women’s everyday life.