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Historias Indígenas Liliana Caracoza, Tacoma Community College

Historias Indígenas is a short documentary on indigenous women’s rights in Veracruz, Mexico. Isidora’s Petronilo Molina eyes fill with tears as she talks about the injustices committed against her husband. “Everything because we are indigenous, they took advantage of them,” Isidora said. While her three-year-old daughter watches Isidora cry, she starts cleaning the tears from her mother’s face. Over 40,000 indigenous people live in the mountain range of Veracruz. The majority of these communities experience poverty, gender inequality, domestic violence, government corruption and a lack of health and education resources. Agrupación de Derechos Humanos Xochitépetl (Xochitépetl Human Rights Organization) is an organization working to address these issues. Based in Huayacocotla, Veracruz, their five staff and network of community members work in the municipalities of Ilamatlan and Texcatepec. These are high altitude farming areas with some of the lowest quality of life in Mexico according to the Comisión Nacional para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas – CDI (National Commission for the Development of Indigenous People). By providing legal assistance in cases of violence, murder, corruption and offering gender equality trainings that address issues of domestic abuse, the organization hopes to bring justice and opportunities to these neglected communities. In these remote mountainsides, indigenous people are fighting for their lives and what they believe in. With the help of Xochitépetl, communities are learning that they do not have to stay quiet anymore, that the voice that felt stuck in their throats before can be heard.