Connecther Presents:


Child For Sale Fiona Bock, The Hotchkiss School

“Child for Sale” is both real and raw, and presents the issue of child sex trafficking without shame or exploitation. It frames the issue of modern day slavery with respect for the people who have lived through it - ultimately showing that these children and young adults are not different from other American youth; they are human beings with stories to tell. Bock has worked for more than five years to combat child sex trafficking. With unique access to trafficked children, Bock goes undercover with the Oakland Police Department and interviews survivors, capturing their stories and ultimately humanizing the topic. As a peer, she is able to connect to these girls in a unique way, creating a safe space for them to share their intimate perspectives and provide a comprehensive look at an issue few people fully understand. The perception is that these girls are prostitutes who entered the sex trade out of necessity or by choice. This concept didn’t make sense to Bock. Why would someone her own age “choose” to be sold for sex? The truth is, they didn’t. Bock's film shatters stereotypes to expose the real human tragedy behind this epidemic occurring in our own backyard.