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our mission

The Bayat Foundation is dedicated to the health, education and well-being of the people of Afghanistan, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, marital status or religion, by providing for the needy and unlocking the potential of widows, women, children, youth and men through programs and partnerships offering quality healthcare for women and newborns, increased access to education through new or refurbished schools, economic empowerment through entrepreneurship, social justice, strengthened families, competitive sporting events and cultural preservation. The Bayat Foundation public charity, based in the USA, was founded in 2006 by Ehsan and Fatema Bayat and is in large part supported by individual donors throughout the world.


Since 2006, the Bayat Foundation has helped rebuild Afghanistan as well as deliver hope and support to the neediest and most at-risk Afghans.

our projects

Maternal Health in Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghanistan has one of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world. In response, we are dedicated to building maternity hospitals, and equipping them with the latest medical equipment to save the lives of mothers and infants. With funding from ConnectHer, we can furnish a new 20-bed maternity ward.

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