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Support a Connecther project by creating your own Fundraising Party Page

Help Fund Your Favorite Connecther Project By Creating Your Own Online Fundraising Party Web Page! Your online fund raising party page can include asking people to donate in place of gifts for your birthday, wedding, anniversary, marathon, dinner celebration or even just a personal occasion that you'd like to create.

Three Simple Steps:

Step 1): Click on an image below the Connecther project you want to fund raise for (you must register or login first).

Step 2): A pop up box will appear. Fill out pop-up box with

Step 3): Once you click submit, your Party Page will be live and you can send your online party link to friends and family to help you reach your goal! All donations to your party page will also be immediately reflected in the total funding goal of the main Connecther project page that you are supporting!

Step 4) (optional):select a team from the pop-up drop down to join a Giving Team. By joining others, this will show the collective impact of your online fundraiser. OR, create your own team here!

To view your party fundraising link/s, proceed to your profile page - all fundraising party web pages that you have created will be listed in your profile. You can view profile by clicking profile link in top right hand corner once you are logged in.

If you forgot to add something to your fundraising party page or are unhappy with it for some other reason, no worries, proceed to your profile page where you can delete your party page (click "delete") and you can start again.

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