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Lila Igram
Austin, TX

I'm a family gal. Love life, family and work!

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For my 48th Birthday, Please donate to fund scholarships for girls in Gaza!

Girls in Gaza suffer disproportionately. For them to become self-reliant, EDUCATIION is key. These scholarships are all based upon need. Please help!

Scholarships for Girls in Gaza

Scholarships for Girls in Gaza

The Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA) provides financial assistance to young Palestinian university students. Our scholarship funds enable talented and ambitious high school graduates to obtain degrees and the skills to make important contributions to their communities and their country. Often times, families in Gaza prioritize higher education for their male children as they are the traditional breadwinners so this scholarship fund for females is extra important and will provide the women and their future families with more chances at economic security and independence!

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