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Creating Hope International

Creating Hope International (CHI) invests in local, community action, building education and health resources, training people in the skills they need to continue the work on their own in the future.

Project start date: 11/30/2014

Project completion date: 06/30/2014

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Milestone Objective

Date: 11/03/2015

Fatima's Transformation from Your Support!!

Fatima was brought to the girls’ orphanage in Herat when she was about 8 years old by her relatives.  Both of her parents had died and she had no brothers or sisters.  She was very unhappy and devastated when she came.  She went to school and, when AIL began working with the girls’ orphanage and offering computer and tailoring classes in the afternoon, she joined themView More


Milestone Objective

Date: 06/30/2015

The Afghan Institute of Learning’s Girls Orphanage Project

In 2010, the Afghan Institute of Learning began offering health services to girls living in a government run orphanage in Herat. The girls health quickly improved as the AIL health staff taught them simple ways to stay healthy, things like basic hygiene and first aid. The staff also began to help some of the girls deal with the trauma that they had faced in their short lives. From this health pView More


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Support AIL's Programs for Orphans

Herat Province, Afghanistan

The Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) is offering support to a girls' orphanage which houses 200 young girls, and we need your help! In 2010, AIL began offering medical services to the girls at the orphanages, and after a government ministry saw the quality of care that AIL was offering to the girls, they asked us to begin offering educational programming as well, which we have been doing since 2011. With your help, we can offer much needed support to Afghan orphans.

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Project Milestones

  • Raising $1,050 will allow us to provide the school age girls with the supplies that they need to attend school
  • In Afghanistan, most people make their own clothing.� In the orphanage, AIL provides each girl with cloth and then teaches her how to cut and sew her own clothing.� The teachers sew the clothing for the younger girls.� The next $2,400 that we raise will allow us to purchase cloth for the girls.
  • AIL has a doctor and health educator who work with the girls, to treat illnesses and teach them to live a healthy life.� This project will need to rais $3025 to support the doctor, health educators and health services for six months.
  • The final $2,975 raised by this project will support AIL's efforts to provide tutoring and supplemental classes to the girls for 6 months, including paying the teacher's salaries.


As we said above, AIL began providing healthcare to the orphans in 2010 and when the ministry responsible for the orphanage saw the wonderful care that AIL was providing, they asked AIL to provide additional services. AIL hired three teachers who tutor the girls in their school subjects, as wll as offering supplemental classes in English, Sewing and Arabic.

In July, the principal of the school that the girls attend wrote a letter to AIL saying that the girls were doing very well! In the letter, she said, "At the beginning of the year, these girls were weak in their lessons, but now the are doing well. I believe it is the result of attending the classes offered by AIL. Thank you for helping these orphans."

AIL needs your support to continue offering these girls supplemental classes, new clothing, healthcare and ultimately, a chance at a new life. Last month, the lead teacher at the orphanage was talking with some of the older students about going to college. These girls, who a few years ago had no one and no hope, are now considering college as a part of their future! You can help make this transformation a reality by choosing to give to this project on Connecther to support AIL's programs for orphans.

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