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ActionAid USA

Project start date: 09/01/2017

Project completion date: 11/30/1899

Support women's health & safe spaces for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh

Following an upsurge in violent discrimination in Myanmar in August 2017, Rohingya refugees poured into neighbouring Bangladesh. ActionAid immediately took action. 

Vulnerable women and children are priority. ActionAid has lead a gender-sensitive response in which women played a key role. This included the construction and running of three Women’s Safe Spaces in the refugee camp, where women can access information, services and resources including menstrual hygiene kits, life-skills training such as sewing and tailoring, counselling, and (where needed) access to medical referrals. These safe spaces are run by people like Fatema, 35, a trained counsellor working with ActionAid in the Mainnerghona refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar. 

Through the generosity of supporters like you, Fatema counsels up to 80 Rohingya trauma survivors every single day, listening to their stories and helping them heal. 

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Where this project is located

Info about Bangladesh

Approximately 725,000 Rohingya refugees are living in camps in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, having fled violence in Myanmar's Rakhine State. This influx began in August 2017 and has brought the total Rohingya population in Cox's Bazar to approximately 919,000.

Project Milestones

- Fatema and other ActionAid counsellors have provided psychosocial, practical, and training support to over 10,000 women and children since the start of the crisis.

- Three Women’s Safe Spaces built in the refugee camp, where women can access information, services and resources.

-We're creating 10 bathing areas for use by up to 8,000 women and children. They'll be separate from facilities for men, and clean water will be provided from the 10 water wells we're constructing. 


In August 2017, violence erupted in northern Rakhine state, Myanmar, driving more than 600,000 Rohingya refugees into neighbouring Bangladesh. ActionAid responded immediately, delivering a livesaving humanitarian response to over 70,000 refugees in Cox’s Bazar.

This crisis is far from over. The Rohingya people are still stuck in limbo, away from their homes in Myanmar, living in shelters and using cooking and sanitation facilities that are meant to be temporary – and new refugees are arriving at the camp every day. 

More Information

Through your generous support, we worked together to tackle unimaginable problems: coordinating support for survivors of trauma, creating watch groups to protect women from gender-based violence in the camps, digging tube wells and building private toilets and bathing facilities for women’s safety, distributing blankets to keep children warm during the winter chill, and rebuilding family shelters after monsoon floods.