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What Makes the Children Happy?

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Date: 05/13/2019

General Status Update

We asked Sakena Yacoobi, "What Makes the Children Happy?"

Answer: "The children are very happy when they have good, kind teachers." They LOVE when the teachers are kind to them so one of the things Sakena does is to give "kindness" training to the teachers so they know how to treat the orphaned children. 💜 Another thing they love is new clothing, especially for Eid! Sakena and her team deliver new clothing to the children every Eid. She said "they are very joyful and they sing and they dance" when they receive the new clothes .

Thank you all for your support in helping make the children happy!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Any donation helps. Can you give $10, $25, $50 or $100 to support programs that help Afghan children have a happier future? 95 % of your donation will go directly to our project partner, Afghan Institute of Learning to support the children.


The Afghan Institute of Learnings Girls Orphanage Project

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Date: 06/30/2015

Milestone Objective

In 2010, the Afghan Institute of Learning began offering health services to girls living in a government run orphanage in Herat. The girls health quickly improved as the AIL health staff taught them simple ways to stay healthy, things like basic hygiene and first aid. The staff also began to help some of the girls deal with the trauma that they had faced in their short lives. From this health program grew AIL’s girls orphan project.


                Today there are approximately 120 girls being cared for in the orphanage. Each day the AIL staff makes sure that the 90 girls who are old enough go to school, and when they return to the orphanage are offered tutoring. There are cooks who assure that each girl is given healthy, nutritious food to eat. The girls have the opportunity to take supplemental classes taught by 3 AIL teachers at the orphanage. The classes offered include Arabic, sewing and four levels of English. Twice a year each girl is supplied with cloth and is taught how to make a pattern and sew the cloth in to clothing, giving her a skill, which she can use to help earn an income when she leaves the orphanage.


Happenings at the Orphanage:


March 2015:


Representatives from the Department of Women’s Affairs visited the orphanage. They thanked AIL for providing the orphans with the best education and health services.

AIL staff provided the girls with clothing.

A new sewing class was begun for 26 girls.


April 2015:


The students of the sewing class created impressive and well-designed products in April. They learned to make new styles of clothing for themselves and their friends. The teacher was very happy with their progress. Some of the girls worked together to start a business making and selling clothing to others!

Other girls are attending English and computer classes, which the students say are helping them in their regular classes in the government school they attend.


May 2015:  


The staff and students of the orphanage held an assembly to recognize the most outstanding students at the orphanage. The English and computer teachers submitted names of exceptional students, and the students were brought up in front of the other girls to receive the congratulations of the manager of the center, as well as small gifts of appreciation. During the ceremony, the manager of the center advised the girls to follow the example set by these exemplary students.

A group of computer students completed the computers course and were given certificates.

The girls were given clothing that is appropriate for the hot weather that Afghanistan is currently experiencing.


In their own words…


“Hello. My name is Laila and I am 15 years old. I live in the AIL orphanage and attend the sewing class here as well. I lost my mother when I was 8. Then my father went to Pakistan and left me behind. I was kept at my uncle’s house for a few years, but life there was very difficult for me. My uncle’s family did not like me, so they brought me to this orphanage. First I attended the Arabic class, and then I began attending regular school after my teacher encouraged me. My life has changed so much. I am so happy and really enjoy living in this safe place. I am planning to continue studying and going to school, and one day I will attend a university.”


“Hello, my name is Satarah. I can’t remember when I lost my mother. I do remember my father getting remarried and my stepmother forcing my father to bring me to this orphanage. I was 7 years old then. I am now in the seventh grade at the regular school, and I study English at the center here. My English is getting really good! I also get good marks in school. The teachers here are kind. They have convinced me to study hard and change my life like other girls my age. They advise me to continue my education, to get a good job, to be a good citizen and to help others in the community.”


“Hi! My name is Pari. I am a student of the sewing class where I have learned to sew professionally. I am able to make nice clothing and design beautiful things for girls. I have started a business with three of my classmates. We make and design clothing, and then sell the clothes to earn money. Since I was a child I have wanted to learn to sew and AIL with Connecther's support has made my dreams come true. I like living in this orphanage. Since coming here my life has changed a great deal. I have found new friends who have helped me to make good plans for my future – I am planning to be a doctor one day!”

We would like to thank you again for your generous support of AIL’s programs at the girls orphanage in Herat. Your donation is allowing us to continue changing the lives of these vulnerable children. Thank you.

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