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Edna Adan University Hospital

Founded as a maternity hospital, the Edna University Hospital is helping to reduce the extremely high rate of maternal and infant mortality in this region.

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Using Solar Energy to Promote Safe Motherhood


Three Solar Suitcases for Midwives

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Date: 03/05/2018

Milestone Objective

Thanks to Connecther supporters, the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital has deployed three solar suitcases in Somaliland. Solar suitcases provide lifesaving lighting, medical devices, and mobile communication – essential for midwives who work in remote regions of the country. The suitcases have been installed at Darbudhuq, Baligubadley, and Salahley.

One suitcase is now being used by midwives at the Baligubadle Hospital, a 40-bed regional hospital along the border with Ethiopia in one of the poorest regions in Somaliland. Many complicated cases are referred to the hospital, so the solar suitcase will be of great help.

In the Darbudhuq district, the one midwife who serves 11 small villages was thrilled to receive the suitcase. She reported that as the solar suitcase was being installed, a patient arrived who was concerned about premature contractions. Using the Doppler scan in the suitcase, she was able to determine that the baby was getting the oxygen and nutrients it needed and reassure the mother.


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