What is Connecther?

Connecther is a 501c3 registered nonprofit that matches donors with projects that are providing services to women and children in developing communities.

How is Connecther different than other online-giving sites?

Our focus is to aid women and children in their quest for self-reliance. We consolidate many "under the radar" projects that are giving women and children the support they need to thrive. We encourage Connecther supporters to help by taking advantage of our collective giving platform which provides our donors with tools to create the biggest positive impact for our nonprofit partners.

Is Connecther a registered 501(C)(3) tax-exempt organization?

Yes, Connecther is a registered 501c3 tax-exempt organization. You can view our tax-exempt letter here: Connecther Tax Exempt Letter.

What is a Fundraising Party Page?

Help Fund Your Favorite Connecther Project By Creating Your Own Online Fundraising Party Web Page! Your online fund raising party page can include asking people to donate in place of gifts for your birthday, wedding, anniversary, marathon, dinner celebration or even just a personal occasion that you'd like to create.

How do I match a donation?

Double your donation! You can now provide a matching donation on Connecther! Go to the project you wish to support and in the drop down payment section select "Match Payment". Select amount and proceed through checkout. The minimum amount for our matching program is $25 and maximum is $2,000.00. Once your match is met, your donation will take effect! Learn more about matching.

What if I want to give, but I can't decide on a project?

In this case, please give to Connecther's general fund. Connecther uses the general fund donations to fund projects that are close to reaching their goals, we do also use general funds for operational needs.

Can I donate via check and how will my payment be processed?

Of course. Just make your check out to Connecther and send it along to 12301 Zeller Lane, Austin, TX 78753. Thank you for your support!

How do I add my nonprofit's project to your site?

Make your way over to the nonprofit section and register. You will need to fill out an online form or two so that we can make sure you are recognized by the IRS and that your mission fits with Connecther's. Our standardized, streamlined process will have you up and running - and get you the funds you need - quickly.

How do you send the money I donated to the recipient organization?

We send the money that you have donated to our nonprofit project partners based on their milestones and achievements. Each nonprofit's funding needs are different; some have short term funding goals, others are longer term.

Do I have to become a member (login) to donate?

Yes, it takes less than 10 seconds to register (about 5 seconds with facebook register button) and we hope you find it rewarding to become a member! As a member, you can also create fundraising party pages, keep track of which projects you've donated to and view other member profiles. By becoming a member, Connecther can also send you updates from the field, so you can see how your dollars translate into change.

Does 100 % of the money I donate go to the recipient organization?

We are committed to keeping our overhead small so that our fees remain amongst the lowest in the industry. Connecther reserves 7.9 % + .30 per transaction of donated funds for administrative costs such as processing your donations securely via paypal, hosting our site, finding and vetting 501c3 nonprofit project partners, etc.

Nonprofits are like any other business in the sense that they still require money to function and grow. Think of it this way: 92.1% goes to the recipient organization, 7.9 % + .30 per transaction towards leveraging those funds in ways that will serve women in need in the long term. For a $25.00 donation, $22.73 goes to the project, $2.27 goes to Connecther.

How do I edit my account?

You can edit your account info (email, password) by logging on to your profile page and clicking the link below your photo. You can edit your profile info by logging on to your profile page and clicking the green (edit) box!

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