Why women

"When my husband doesn't have work it makes our economic situation difficult and also makes us depressed. This year my husband has been without work. With some of the classes I have learned new things that have helped me in my business. I've participated in crochet classes (ponchos, scarves, and baby blankets), purse making, and the leadership workshops. I also went to some of the business workshops when the young volunteers from the U.S. came to visit. They gave us good, new information and since their visit I have stopped working at TopiTop (retail store) where I realized I wasn't making a decent profit with my crochet scarves. They were exploiting me, paying me so little to knit a lot. When I knit or crochet as my own business I am able to make more money. I make money off of the new stitch we learned with the wire in making scarves.

This has made a difference in my life in how I think about things. I donít only learn new things for myself, but I often teach other women in my neighborhood. So when I teach other women I charge them a very small fee. I tell them, "What you learn will help you in your life, use your knowledge." There are always women that wait for me and want to learn what I am doing, what is new, and what can I teach them. "

- Fausta Vasquez Yntor, Peru DiscoverHope Fund

Our vision

Connecther was founded on a few major principles:
  • Women and girls suffer disproportionately from poverty, conflict, oppression and war.
  • By working to advance women and girls globally, communities will be elevated since women give back significantly to their families & communities.
  • We need to highlight & invest in women leaders from developing world communities to help scale their efforts. For every woman leader we invest in, multiple more are created.
  • Encouraging women's access to space and voice is crucial. Connecther provides a platform for women & girls to tell their own stories.


Connecther's vision is to elevate the status of women and girls everywhere.


Connecther invests in women leaders who are creating sustainable impact in their local communities and provides a platform for youth to tell their stories about critical issues facing women and girls through the Girls Impact the World Film Festival.

GITW Film Fest

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