Connecther Presents:

The 'Honest Beauty' Award

Deadline: January 20, 2020

Students submit your 3-6 minute film on beauty issues that...
  • PROPOSE SOLUTIONS to illuminate changing ideals of beauty for girls globally. Redefine in your own words what "beauty" means to you. What are some of the qualities that make a girl seem beautiful, feel beautiful, or look beautiful? or
  • CREATE awareness about beauty issues that impact self-image for women and girls such as perception of feminine beauty or MISREPRESENTATION of female beauty. Maybe it's a profile of a woman making a difference in the world of beauty or an active step women or girls have taken to redefine what it means to "BEAUTY".
Topics may include:
  • Are women/girls defined by their gender?
  • How does being female relate to women on film, as political leaders, and/or characters used in advertising?
  • How has beauty changed over the years from when your mom was growing up to now today?,
  • How does the media affect a woman/girl's perception of herself: is she trying to be perfect? Skinny, sexy, or smart?,
  • Are girls pressured to attain that ideal body weight (e.g. dieting, anorexia or bulimia),
  • Are girls self-confident?,
  • How can I see my imperfections as beauty marks?
  • Is there a standard of what is considered beautiful for girls in my country?
  • What makes me feel beautiful?
  • I see ___ as beautiful!
  • If I change MY perception/vision of beauty, will I see myself differently?

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