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Deadline: January 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm

The Girls Impact the World Film Festival is excited to present the"Global Impact" Award

Students submit your 3-6 minute film on issues that...
  • CREATE AWARENESS about a global issue like education for girls, global health, economic independence for women, female genital mutilation or how women disproportionately suffer in times of conflict. Show how it affects the lives of women or girls.
  • FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS. This award goes to a film that should have a powerful impact on a global issue affecting women and girls. Have you ever heard about an idea that had a big impact on the lives of women and girls or that you think has the potential to have a big impact? Film is a powerful way to spread those kinds of solutions. Choose a global GITW issue area that you think is worth talking about and consider how can you best highlight the solution in a short film.
Topics may include:
  • How do women suffer disproportionately in times of war and conflict (how are women used as weapons of war and how can this be stopped)?
  • How can girls overcome the many global barriers to acquiring a proper education including infrastructure, technology, learning materials, and basic supplies?
  • What unique perspective does this solution bring to this global issue? Is there a unique perspective that I can bring to this film?

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