Connecther Presents:

THE 'Stand Up Men' AWARD

Connecther has created the inaugural "Stand Up Men" Award for its Girls Impact the World Film Festival 2020.

We want to start a conversation in support of women's rights among male athletes, artists and all men who are taking a stand.

Winner will receive $2,500 and film distribution opportunities.

Submission Deadline: January 20, 2020.

Submit your original 3 to 6 minute film on any man you know who is taking a stand to prevent violence against women and/or standing up for women's rights.

  • You may want to profile and interview athletes who are getting involved in this issue, who are changing attitudes and preventing violence against women.

  • You may want to profile men who are working to unlearn gender bias.

  • You may want to explore ideas such as: What is the best way for men to stand in support of women without coopting the conversation of male violence against women?

  • You might want to address what role male musicians and artists play in tackling the rampant objectification of women in media or you may want to profile a male musician who is taking a stand against misogynistic lyrics.


We want to encourage young men in the locker room and on the music scene to talk about their concerns, their experiences. They have an opportunity to become leaders on this issue and positive role models in their communities.

A three-year study showed that while male student-athletes make up 3% of the population on college campuses, they account for 19% of sexual assaults and 35% of domestic assaults on college campuses.

Athletes commit one in three college sexual assaults.

However, punishment is lax. Between 2010 and 2014, only one of the 64 reported allegations resulted in conviction for the alleged crime (though four players pleaded guilty to lesser charges and five pleaded no contest) and only seven players were punished by their league, according to a study in the Harvard Journal on Sports and Entertainment Law.

Rampant misogyny is the music industry's worst kept secret.

Hip-hop has a long, sordid, and complex relationship with women. Female MCs including Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Salt-N-Peppa, Lil Kim, and Nicki Minaj still aren't taken seriously as lyricists in a male-dominated genre driven by bravado and machismo, where the distinction between "despicable females" and "upstanding ladies" is made on the whim of male artists. But it's not just hip-hop that has a misogyny problem. Rap music isn't the only genre with degrading and demeaning lyrics about women. Sexism is also rampant in the punk, metal, and indie rock scenes.


We need more men with the guts, with the courage, with the strength, with the moral integrity to break our complicit silence and challenge each other and stand with women and not against them," "Jackson Katz, co-founder of MVP (Mentors in Violence Prevention)

"One of the most basic things we can do is let the men in our lives know it's not okay to mistreat a woman." -- Tim McGraw, country music singer

"The more that we choose not to talk about [domestic violence], the more we shy away from the issue, the more we lose." -- Russell Wilson, NFL Seattle Seahawks

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Q: Do I need to profile a male that I personally know?

A: No, you can talk about a football player, artist or any other male role models that are taking a stand against sexual assault of women.

Q: Do I need to profile or interview a male artist or athlete?

A: While we encourage entries on male athletes and artists, you can profile any man/men who is taking a stand to prevent violence against women and/or standing up for women's rights.

Q: Can both males and females create the film?

A: Yes, the film can be created by any gender but the film content must be about male influencers who are taking a stand against assault and/or standing up for women's rights.

Q: Does the film need to be a documentary style film?

A: Your film can be a (1) narrative, (2) documentary, (3) investigative reporting, (4) music video, (5) animation, or (6) curated film (film collage). Please see the FAQ for more details about film genres and film content.

Q: Do I need to be a college student to submit a film?

A: This contest is open to 8th graders, high school students and college undergraduates under the age of 25.

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