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DiscoverHope Fund

DiscoverHope Fund

DiscoverHope creates dignified solutions for women in poverty through our Microcredit Plus Model. By combining loans with learning, we provide access to credit as well as access to knowledge.
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Nonprofit introduction

If you are a nonprofit interested in adding your project to Connecther, please keep reading! If you are searching for projects to support or just want to learn more, please click here.

If your non-profit is:

  • A 501c3 registered non-profit organization*
  • Providing services to women and children in developing communities and 
  • A non-proselytizing organization
Then we are excited to welcome you to Connecther and hope that we can partner for good (Connecther terms and conditions apply)!

Just follow these 3 easy steps:
  1. Register your non-profit today by clicking on the "register" tab below
  2. Add your project/s and after a brief waiting period
  3. Start to receive funding as interested donors find your project/s on our website

Connecther wants to make the process simple for you. If you are new to the Connecther site, simply click the register my nonprofit button below and follow the directions to add your project/s. If you have already registered, login to add a project or multiple projects to Connecther. Click here to view an example of what your project will look like once submitted and approved by Connecther.

We look forward to working together to help women help themselves!


*a limited number of international nonprofits that are officially registered in their country will be accepted on a case by case basis