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Project start date: 08/11/2004

Project completion date: 07/02/2012

Embroidery Project

Saida-EinElHelwi Refugee Camp, Lebanon

Creating jobs and supporting the independence of Palestinian refugee women in Lebanon and Palestine through the Women Empowerment Project Target Population: Palestinian Women(Hardship cases)- keeping the Palestinian needle work as a heritage and as an identity.

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Where this project is located

Info about Lebanon

Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp 394,532 Palestinians live in 12 refugee camps scattered throughout Lebanon. Ain al-Hilweh being the largest with 45,337 registered Palestinians [UNRWA figures as of 31 December 2003], but with an actual number closer to 90,000 is situated near the town of Saida 45 km south of Beirut. It was originally established by the International Committee of the Red Cross in 1948/49. The Palestinians are the world's largest refugee population 4.5 million of these, 1.1 million live in refugee camps [UNRWA June 2002]. Palestinians are excluded from the Lebanese public health and education systems and only a very small percentage can pay for private doctors and schools. Palestinians are prohibited from working in over 70 professions, including government, lawyers, doctors, engineers, bankers, salesmen, etc. Most Palestinians work as unskilled labourers in construction and agriculture. As of 1992 the UNRWA has estimated that 60 percent of Palestinian refugees live below the poverty line and Lebanon has the highest proportion of Palestinian refugees enrolled in the UNRWA's Special Hardship Program, which provides aid ensuring a minimum standard of nutrition and shelter to the poorest of the poor.

Project Milestones

By supporting PCRF's Embroidery Project you will help:

1) To create jobs for Palestinian refugee women and to provide seed funds to start-up and sustain Palestinian Embroidery Needle work for refugee women.

2)To improve the lives of hundreds of children in the camps who are dependent on the income of such projects.

3)To market traditional Palestinian Embroidery.

4)Our staff of dedicated field workers on the ground in Lebanon and Palestine work with candidates on training, purchasing supplies and creating product.

Materials Needed and Estimated Cost to help 80 women sustain Embroidery work:

1) Chanton Textile & Satinette Textile: $6500USD

2)DMC threads, Canvas Needles & Cotton Pri (200m): $10,000USD

3)Sewing Materials (White Vaseline, Textiles, Special Stitching Threads, Black Vaseline Textile): $4,000USD

4)Canvas: $8,000USD

5)Calico 500 meter: $3,000USD


Overall the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are living in devastating conditions due to many reasons (no proper access to health care; no governmental health insurance; no job opportunities; not allowed to practice at least 70 jobs; bad environmental conditions at the camp). Most of the time, young girls have to quit school in order to help around the house or find a job to support the family. By creating the Embroidery project, we have opened the door for many women to have better financial and social situations where they can help support their family financially while continuing to value the importance of women's education in pursuit of higher level careers.

More Information

What our beneficiaries are saying about our work:

  • It is providing social and economic stability for the women and families that we work with
  • It is providing an overall improved standard of living for the women and families we work with
  • It is giving the women we work with financial independence and self-empowerment
  • Women in our program are able to provide better health care and educational access for their children due to better income