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Support For Educational and Economic Development (SEED)

Eradicate poverty, improve quality of life and provide opportunities for success by implementing educational and medical care programs for poor children and women in India.

Project start date: 05/01/2011

Project completion date: 09/01/2015

Teacher Training for Unemployed Women in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, India

There is big shortage of trained teachers in India. There are very few trained teachers available in schools that are operating in low income localities of Hyderabad city in India. SEED is dedicated to provide modern education to poor children. One critical part of this program is providing qualified and trained teachers at these schools. Our second objective is to provide employment opportunities to poor women by training them as teachers. Schools provide a decent environment for jobs for women who are not allowed to take up jobs in male dominated fields. By providing teaching skill SEED will empower poor women and improve their quality of life as well as provide an improved educational experience for impoverished children.

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Project Milestones

  • Select poor women for training who are unemployed on a merit basis for one-year training program.
  • Select teachers from schools that are operating in low income localities of Hyderabad, India based on ability to attend training.
  • Provide tuition assistance, books and transportation if needed to ensure regular attendance.
  • Work with college authorities to monitor progress.
  • Help in placement of these trainees in teaching positions after graduation.


SEED will train 70 teachers for pre-primary teacher's training course during the 2011/2012 academic year:

  • Train 40 unemployed women in a one-year course of Pre-Primary Teacher's Training.  This training is for new teachers.
  • Train 30 in-service teachers in a 9 month Pre-Primary Teacher's course that is offered in the evening hours.  This training is for existing teachers.

More Information


  1. Provides qualified and trained teachers for schools that are operating in low income, poor localities in Hyderabad, India.
  2. Provides employable skills to women, thus empowering them and improving their lives.