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Help the Afghan Children

Help the Afghan Children (HTAC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Afghan children by: establishing community-based model schools in various regions of the country, delivering innovative learning programs designed to address

Project start date: 08/01/2011

Project completion date: 08/01/2014

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Date: 06/18/2014

Help the Afghan Children

Since the launch of our computer education program for Afghan girls, Help the Afghan Children (HTAC), has achieved several important milestones in our effort to give more deserving girls an opportunity to gain critical technical skills in computer literacy that will open doors to productive jobs and change their lives forever.


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Computer Education for Afghan Girls

Kabul, Afghanistan

Although more Afghan girls are attending school than ever before, many girls graduate or leave school without any marketable skills. Because many Afghan families are poor, those daughters who cannot bring extra money into the family are often forced into early marriage and child-bearing. Help the Afghan Children (HTAC) is making a difference for approximately 4,000 Afghan girls every year by enrolling them in our computer education program. HTAC was the first organization to introduce computer literacy into Afghan schools and this very special program teaches these girls key computer skills necessary for them to seek and obtain computer-related jobs in Afghanistan's emerging information technology marketplace. Over 75% of those girls who graduate from our program find well-paying and meaingful computer jobs, giving them pride, empowerment, and becoming productive citizens in Afghanistan's recovery.

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Project Milestones

Project Milestones
1-In partnership with Afghanistan's Ministry of Education, identify a school for girls that needs a computer education program.
2-Assess the conditions of the school in terms of establishing a computer laboratory (computers, printers, screens, projectors, etc.)
3-Raise funds to establish a fully-functioning computer laboratory OR funds to enhance a computer laboratory in disrepair.
4-Raise funds to hire a well-qualified female computer instructor.
5-Enroll high school girls at the school into the program.
6-Provide end of course testing and evaluation to assess and ensure each student has acquired sufficient computer skills.
7-Provide job search and job interviewing assistance to graduating 12th grade girls.


Help the Afghan Children was the first organization to implement computer education programs for Afghan public schools.  HTAC enrolls approximately 8,000 students each year into our program.  Over 50% of our enrollments are girls.

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