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Total funding goal: $3,130

Total funding to date: $3,521

Remaining goal: $-391

Total Donors: 92

HOPE for Senegal

The H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everywhere) Campaign a project of HOPE Events Inc. an energy conscious 501(c)3 non-profit focused on involving artists and their contributions in campaigns, programs and events to support existing social project Read about HOPE for Senegal at:

Project start date: 06/21/2010

Project completion date: 12/31/2011

Latest project status

General Status Update

Date: 12/09/2015

Hope for Senegal Scholarship applicants

All of these girls are applying to be HOPE Scholars. 50 of them will be chosen to receive a scholarship that covers tuition + a stipend. I can't wait to read these applications. I am so humbled by how hard these young women are working to make it through school, despite many obstacles. I can't thank those of you who have donated to HOPE for Senegal and made View More


Milestone Objective

Date: 06/10/2012

HOPE for Senegal 2012 Scholarship Recipients!

On Saturday, June 9th, Lycée Malick Sy presented scholarships to the 22 girls selected by HOPE for Senegal. The celebration also marked the opening of the science lab. Check back soon for updates on the girls as they make it through the year and as the projects for next year begin!View More


Milestone Objective

Date: 05/29/2012

Progress at Lycée Malick Sy!

So much progress at Lycée Malick Sy! We met our $15,000 goal (and then some!). Here are a few milestones I am excited to share: 1. The lab has been painted, secured, and is ready to go! 2. We shipped 300 lbs of equipment, including 30 microscopes that are going through customs clearance in Dakar right now! We sent $2,000 of the science teachers to purchase the remaining lab needs that are avaiView More


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Lycee Malick Sy High School

Thies, Senegal

Lycee Malick Sy is among the largest high schools in Senegal. It serves over 4,000 urban and rural students. With a 39.3% national literacy rate (29.2% for girls), this project is one that can have great impact. This project has 3 components: 1. fund 10 scholarships for girls, 2. equip the science lab, 3. give the nurse the equipment and supplies to keep the kids healthy.

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Siham Naseef

Amount: $50

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Processed: 2012-08-17

Where this project is located

Info about Senegal

Senegal is on the western-most tip of Africa with a population of 14 million people. French colonization ended in 1960, and the country is now a republic. Senegal is often noted for it's landmark Door of No Return which is memorialized as the exit for point for Africans taken on the Atlantic Slave Trade.

Project Milestones

Project 1: Nursing Supplies
The nurse is the primary medical care provider for many of Lycee Malick Sy’s 4,000+ students. Her role goes beyond the traditional school nurse in countries with greater access to health care. She treats injuries, dispenses medication, and assists students with any health care needs she is equipped to treat. Health is essential to learning.

Expense Estimated Amount ($)
First aid supplies 250
Medicine/ antibiotics/ anti-malarial medicines 950
Medical Equipment 300
Total 1,500
Milestones: The nurse will document the use of equipment and number of students served through treatment and medication. Our target date for funding is December 31, 2011

Project 2: Scholarships for girls
Senegal has a literacy rate of 29.2% for girls over age 15. The Parent’s Association of Lycee Malick Sy requested support for girls continuing education into high school. School fees are $24 annually at Lycee Malick Sy, therefore we would like to support 10 girls in their education through scholarships that would cover their school fees and pay a small amount toward additional expenses.

Expense Estimated Amount ($)
$25 Tuition fee +
$25 additional scholarship (x10) 500
Milestones: Students will complete an application that includes ambitions. We will document progress from the time of the application until the close of the school year

Project 3: Science Lab
Lycee Malick Sy is one of the largest high schools in Senegal. Currently, they lack the equipment to perform scientific experiments as a part of learning. Because Senegal is at a turning point with post-Colonial development and population growth; education and access to experiential learning is critical. We would like to equip a science lab to support essential high school science curricula.

Expense Estimated Amount ($)
Glassware (tubes, beakers, eye droppers, etc) 1,000
Permanent equipment (microscope, balance, Bunsen burner, etc) 7,000
Solutions and elements 2,000
Protective gear 500
Additional equipment (thermometers, slides, optics, magnetics, etc) 2,500
*A complete list of recommended equipment is available upon request*
Total 13,000
Milestones: Our fundraising goal is set for December 31, 2011. We will document the lab as well as student and teacher testimonials.

Project 1 1,500
Project 2 500
Project 3 13,000
Total Expenses 15,000


This project is personal to me because this is the school my husband attended before moving to the US for college.  I know the obstacles my husband overcame, and I know the great potential of the students of Lycee Malick Sy.  While completing my graduate school internship in Senegal I visited this school.  The nurse looked me in the eyes and told me that because I now know the conditions, it is my responsibility to help.  Now you too know that you are needed.  There is an African proverb that says "If you think you are too small to make a difference then you have never spent the night with a mosquito". I know that every dollar spent to improve Lycee Malick Sy will make a difference in a very real way. 

Here is a video made by the students of Lycee Malick Sy showing two projects we completed last year: a drinking fountain and bringing medicine to the nurses office.

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