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It is the pursuit of unreasonable dreams even in the face of the most desperate and dejected situations that define the true spirit of humankind. It is our dream to elevate communities that are in conflict to help them envision that place where none of us looks much different from our enemy. Where all dream for a brighter, more peaceful, more just future.

Project start date: 08/15/2011

Project completion date: 01/31/2013

dreamfly Rwanda

Cyingwa, Rusizi, Rwanda

In 1994, Rwanda suffered through a horrific genocide, costing close to 1m Rwandans their lives. The small village of Cyingwa lost 132 members, tearing families, neighbors and the entire community apart. Survivors made the commitment to end the distrust and fear that had caused neighbors to turn against each other; to do the unthinkable and forgive for unspeakable crimes. The parents of Cyingwa, both survivors and perpetrators of the genocide, built the Cyingwa Primary school with their hands over a decade ago. They came together to build a future for their children different from and better than their own. And today, those children are working their brilliant little minds off, studying through the year, no summer vacations, and several of them coming first in the district! Today the school has 1036 students, 498 of which are girls. There is no running water, no electricity, and no proper toilets. is partnering with the Cyingwa community to expand the school through the addition of new classrooms and a computer lab, and offer high quality teacher training, so the brilliant kids of Cyingwa can build a brilliant future for Rwanda.

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Info about Rwanda

General information about Rwanda can be found here: Information about's project in Cyingwa can be found here:

Project Milestones

Here are the upcoming milestones for our Rwanda project:
  • Break ground on building of 3 additional rooms and bathrooms 
  • Computer lab set up 
  • Building completion 
  • Training of new teachers 


Even in today's limited capacity, the Cyingwa Primary School is helping scores of bright young girls and boys realize their dreams in Rwanda. The school is doing tremendous work with the resources available, but is unable to fully support all of their students' needs.  . 

Take Appolina as an example - she's just 12 years old and showing brilliant promise, having already risen ahead of her older siblings and attending more advanced classes. While the school is doing all it can to keep her challenged, it simply doesn't have the resources needed to allow her to reach her full potential. This is a common story amongst the Cyingwa students - they are bright, eager to learn, and dedicated to attending school and improving their future, but the school needs significant improvements to help them meet their goals. supports these students with their desire to reach their dreams. We are partnering with the Cyingwa community and local business leaders to improve the infrastructure and quality of education at the school. 

Your donation will help us to build 3 classrooms, provide a water tank, 6 latrines and build a computer lab for the school. By giving the children more space to learn and bridging the digital divide, you will be improving their lives significantly. 

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