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Building Tomorrow

Building Tomorrow empowers young people to invest their resources, time and talents in providing access to education for students in East Africa. Since our founding, young people have raised over $600,000; empowering communities in Uganda to donate 30 acres of land and volunteer 200,000 hours of self-labor to build safe, permanent and local schools for their children. Women continually account for the majority of our volunteer laborers and serve on committees to oversee both construction and, ultimately, oversight and management of the schools themselves. To date, we have opened eight primary-level academies in Uganda with another six currently under construction; each providing learning space for up to 325 students.

Project start date: 11/30/1899

Project completion date: 11/30/1899

Fund a classroom in Uganda

N/A, Uganda

More than 38 million children in sub-Saharan Africa are without a school to attend. Many countries have initiated programs guaranteeing a free education to every child, yet are plagued with chronic classroom shortages as they lack the means to construct enough schools to meet the demand. This often results in students walking miles to get to a "school" in a neighboring community, scribbling their lessons in the dirt for lack of proper learning materials or even gathering under a tree to learn. This project will fund the construction of one classroom in a community-built, stakeholder-sustained, primary-level academy for 325 students in rural Uganda. All in all, the academy will be comprised of seven classrooms, an office, a library, meeting space, toilets and an open field for recreation.

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Info about Uganda

Uganda is home to one of the world's youngest populations, with more than half being under the age of 15. Furthermore, Uganda is one of many countries who have initiated Universal Primary Education programs, guaranteeing a free education to every child, yet lacks the means (financial and otherwise) to meet the demand for classroom space.

Project Milestones

1. Financial Commitment
The $6,000 raised from this campaign will fund the construction of one classroom for 45 students in Uganda and will be pooled with funds from Building Tomorrow's other donor communities to fully fund the construction of an entire academy.

2. Community Buy-In
Once all funds have been committed, Building Tomorrow will work with our team in Uganda to identify a community in need of a school (i.e. where there is the greatest number of children with the least access to a school, and where there is a strong commitment from the community itself to support the education of their children). Once identified, Building Tomorrow will present a challenge grant to the local community; offering to fund the construction of the school (material costs and a few skilled laborers) if land is donated and labor is volunteered. If and when the community agrees, Building Tomorrow works with local leaders and parents of future students (largely mothers and women) to establish a Community Organizing Committee who will oversee the entire construction process.

3. Land Donation
Over the next few months, Building Tomorrow will work with the land donor(s) to finalize the transfer and procurement of land.

4. Groundbreaking
Once the transfer of land has been finalized, the entire community will gather for an official groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the start of construction on a new school.

5. Volunteer Construction
Over the next 10-12 months, community volunteers will work tirelessly to construct a school for their children. They will dig the foundation, mix cement, lay bricks, clear land, etc and, in total, donate over 20,000 hours of volunteer labor.

6. Opening
At the end of construction, the entire community will gather once again to celebrate the opening of their new school. From this point forward, members of the Community Organizing Committee will serve on the School Management Committee and work with the head teacher to ensure the success of the school and its students. Furthermore, upon its opening, the school will become a public, government school with teacher salaries and operating costs funded by the Ugandan Ministry of Education.


our model
Building Tomorrow engages students in service-learning, fundraising, awareness and design activities to generate support for the construction of primary-level academies in sub-Saharan Africa. We are currently building in Uganda where our partner communities match the studentsí support by donating land for each academy and volunteering approximately 20,000 hours of self-labor to construct it.

our impact
Since our founding in 2006, thousands of elementary, middle, high school and college students across the US have raised well over a half a million dollars for the construction of schools in rural Uganda, have developed a strong connection to their global community and have gained an understanding of the privileges and opportunities we so often take for granted.

our success
As of May 2012, Building Tomorrow has eight open academies, two nearing completion and an additional four currently under construction. Each academy has seven classrooms, an office, a library, meeting space and a large field; all in all providing learning space for 325 students.

our future
As part of the Clinton Global Initiative, in September 2011 Building Tomorrow made a public commitment to increase access to quality education for tens of thousands of school-going age children throughout East Africa over the next five years. Through this commitment, we will leverage the philanthropic power of U.S. universities to construct at least 60 community-built, stakeholder-sustained Building Tomorrow academies, and further develop the teaching capacity of at least 450 rural based teachers.

More Information

At the end of the day, Building Tomorrow provides communities with the resources they need to lift themselves out of poverty.

Each academy provides not only learning space for 325 students year after year but also serves as a source of pride and a catalyst for change within each community. We have seen roads built, gardens harvested, scholarships funded, teachers organized, and housing constructed - just to name a few - as a direct result of communities being empowered to help themselves.

"My mother and father told me that if I ever had the chance to say thank you on their behalf, I should take it. Not only have you helped me, but them, too."

-Moses Okirinoya, 2011 graduate of the BT Academy of Lutisi