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HOPE for Senegal

The H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everywhere) Campaign a project of HOPE Events Inc. an energy conscious 501(c)3 non-profit focused on involving artists and their contributions in campaigns, programs and events to support existing social project Read about HOPE for Senegal at:

Project start date: 10/01/2012

Project completion date: 01/15/2013

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Date: 03/09/2016

Scholarship recipients visit community orphans to give back!

Our Scolorship recipients from Senegal spent time at Agape Hope Children's Centre for a little community service. They're here to talk to the children, mentor them and give donations that will support them. The letter below is from one of the previous years recepients.

It reads; Indeed, by giving me the opportunity to go to Nairobi two years ago, HOPE playView More


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HOPE for Senegal LMS Projects

Thies, Senegal

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Info about Senegal

Senegal is on the western-most tip of Africa with a population of 14 million people. French colonization ended in 1960, and the country is now a republic. Senegal is often noted for it's landmark Door of No Return which is memorialized as the exit for point for Africans taken on the Atlantic Slave Trade.

Project Milestones

Please check out our projects from last year: 

HOPE for Senegal has 3 projects for this year, each with clear milestones.

1. Scholarships for 25 girls to attend another year of high school at LMS.  Each scholarship includes tuition for one year ($25) and a personal stipend ($25) for each girl to use as she chooses (transportation, books, school supplies, basic needs, etc). Each girl submits an application outlining her personal and academic goals and is required to give an update on her progress at the end of the 
year in order to renew her scholarship for a second year. (Read these and your heart will melt)
Total cost: $1,250

2. The nurse at LMS is required to use a log book to account for all of the medical supplies as well as show where there are needs she is unable to meet due to lack of supplies.  She will be required to submit that log in order to receive new supplies.
Total cost: $4,000 (less than $1 per student)

3. The 136 teachers at LMS need adequate tools to teach the 4,000+ students at LMS.  We plan to create a teacher resource room with computers, internet access, books, supplies, and AV equipment.  Also, the school has only 1 copy machine~ our goal is to add a second copier that will jam less and work more efficiently.  The students at LMS deserve to have access to a quality education and that includes teachers who are properly equipped to to provide that opportunity.  
Total cost: $16,750

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A Year's Tuition or a Pedicure? How Small Donations Create Big Changes at a Senegalese High School

When Yasmin Diallo Turk, a graduate student at Texas State University and mother of two, made a visit to her husband's high school in Senegal, West Africa she saw a chance to take action on her belief that small efforts can create large changes for the better.

Senegal is a West African nation with one of the most stable democracies in the region. With a population of 12.5 million, 1.8 million live on less than $0.50 per day. In talking to some of the 4,000 students at Lycée Malick Sy High School, Turk found that many current students at her husband's alma mater believe education to be their only chance to escape poverty, help support their families, and contribute to their community. Turk decided she wanted to help increase the students' chance of success, and reduce their most obvious obstacles to an education. She first started helping through donations from friends, and then partnered with the non-profit HOPE Campaign.

One of the first issues Turk addressed was that many students walked many miles to school in the hot sun every day, and yet could not afford to buy a bag of drinking water. She raised money to build a simple drinking fountain. Now all 4,000 students have access to free drinking water. For 2012, HOPE for Senegal set a fundraising goal of $15,000 to meet three crucial initiatives for Lycée Malick Sy High School: scholarships for girls, medical supplies, and a science lab.