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One World Foundation-One New Education

One World Foundation offers full and partial scholarships for girls ages 5-17 to attend either public or private school through our scholarship program, One New Education (ONE). We believe that the key to raising the standard of living in a developing nation lies in educating its women. ONE provides funding for girls to either attend school, or attend a better school by offering funds for anything from a new pair of school shoes to a full scholarship.

Project start date: 03/10/2011

Project completion date: 02/01/2015

Education for Nicaraguan Girls

El Sauce, Nicaragua

The public secondary schools in El Sauce, Nicaragua, often don't provide a good education due to lack of resources, closures and overcrowding. Instituto El Catolico Nuestro Senor de Milagros (El Catolico) is a private secondary school in town with an excellent record. All of their students who take the exams to enter college pass these exams, and students graduating from this school have a much better chance at success in their lives. One World Foundation is raising money to send four deserving girls to this school, in order that they can ultimately contribute to the welfare of their families and their community.

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Where this project is located

Info about Nicaragua

Nicaragua is rich in beautiful scenery (it is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes) and history.It is known for its exports of coffee, rum and shrimp, as well as beef and tobacco. Nicaragua is experiencing an increase in tourism, due to inexpensive prices and relatively pristine beaches and mountains. The country is divided geographically into three main areas: the Caribbean lowlands, North-Central highlands, and Pacific lowlands. Nicaragua has a relatively young population, and one of the highest birth rates in the western hemisphere.

Project Milestones

Scholarships for Girls
Each girl admitted to El Catolico will need to have money for tuition and admission, uniforms, shoes and supplies. Additionally, there are periodic small amounts required throughout the year for specific projects and field trips. This amount is built into the amount mentioned for supplies.

Start Date: Present
Finish Date: February 1, 2015. School begins in mid-February, and we would like to pay the entire year in advance for each girl.
Expense Amount:

Entrance fees for school  - $25
Monthly tuition - $15 ($180 for the school year)
Uniforms - $50
Supplies, shoes, backpack, etc. - $95
TOTAL per girl - $350

Milestones: Each student completes an essay describing herself and why she wants to go to school, her ambitions and dreams for the future. Students write another essay at the end of the year describing what they learned in school, enjoyed, found challenging, etc. Students must maintain at least a 70% average to retain their scholarship. Our contact in El Sauce provides us with updates on the girls, and receipts for all moneys spent towards their education.


Despite a flourishing agricultural industry, and some sought-after exports, Nicaragua is  the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Many men and boys immigrate to El Salvador or Costa Rica to find work, leaving the women and younger children at home to make ends meet. While education in public schools is free, it is often not very productive, and poorer girls in small towns usually drop out and become pregnant in their early to mid teens. Currently, we work in the small agricultural and cattle town of El Sauce, in Leon province. The private Catholic school in El Sauce is well-known for providing an excellent education to its students, and preparing them for work or the university after they graduate. We are currently providing a scholarship for one young woman to attend this school, known as El Catolico, and we have several more girls who are able to go to this school and willing to do the work, but for whom the $350 annually for tuition and supplies is an astronomical amount.

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