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HOPE for Senegal

The H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everywhere) Campaign a project of HOPE Events Inc. an energy conscious 501(c)3 non-profit focused on involving artists and their contributions in campaigns, programs and events to support existing social project Read about HOPE for Senegal at:

Project start date: 06/22/2014

Project completion date: 09/01/2014

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Date: 12/01/2014

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Thanks to generous donations both on and off of ConnectHer, HOPE for Senegal has been able to fund scholarships for 25 girls!  Here is a little bit about 2 of our HOPE Scholars:

Awa D. in her scholarship application:

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Scholarships for girls

Thies, Senegal

Our goal is to provide 25 scholarships to 25 girls. In a country where only 29% of girls can read and the average income is just over $1000, the $25 tuition to attend high school can be cost prohibitive. We would like to give 25 scholarships to 25 girls who are committed to improving themselves, their school, and community. A small investment goes a long way here. "Talent is Universal, opportunity is not." -N. Kristoff

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Where this project is located

Info about Senegal

Senegal is the Westernmost point in Africa.

Project Milestones

1. Raise funds

We need to raise $3,125 to provide scholarships to 25 girls to attend a year of high school at Lycée Malick Sy in Thies, Senegal.

2. Select scholarship recipients

We will select applicants based on need and achievement.  In the past, we have provided scholarships to to girls who have lost their parents, have special needs, and since Lycée Malick Sy is the only school in the region that provides education for blind students, we provided 4 scholarships to girls who are blind.  

3. Provide scholarships

We give the stipend directly to students for them to use for books, transportation, or whatever needs they have.  We pay the tuition directly to the school to cover tuition.


Since 2010, HOPE for Senegal (HfS) has worked collaboratively to improve educational opportunities for students in Senegal. With a 29% literacy rate for girls, there is a particular focus on supporting girls continuing their education.

A co-educational high school serving over 4,000 urban and rural students in the city of Thies is HfS’s primary partner. HfS completed projects include:

Provided over $5,000 in medical supplies to the school nurse, who serves as the primary access to healthcare for many of the students

Built a water fountain for students, many of them walk great distances from villages to attend school.

Provided 47 scholarships to girls. High school is not free in Senegal, and in a country where the average person makes only $1,001 per year, the $25 tuition may be the difference between getting an education or not.

Equipped a science lab for the school, including microscopes, solar teaching kits, and technology

Built a teacher resource room for the school’s 140 teachers and equipping it with computers, printers, and a duplicating machine.

Brought the award winning Kuyu Project in from Nairobi to give students a week long training in how to use social media to improve their community.

Provided additional medical supplies to the school nurse, who serves as the primary access to healthcare for many of the students.

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