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Total funding to date: $8,300

Remaining goal: $1,700

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Minmahaw Education Foundation

Project start date: 11/30/1899

Project completion date: 11/30/1899

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Milestone Objective

Date: 02/15/2018

Minmahaw School Nutrition Plan Report

Minmahaw School Nutrition Plan Report

Minmahaw School was established to provide education to Burmese migrant students residing in Thailand. The school not only provides education to the refugee students but also 3 meals and snacks a day. The nutrition project organized and funded by Connecther was initiated to ensure students were getting nView More


General Status Update

Date: 06/24/2015

Teaching Filmmaking to Burmese Refugee Students Was An Eye-opening Experience

We achieve success at Connecther olders achieve success. Azmina Karim, a young woman from Bangladesh who is passionate about uplifting the voices of women and girls in her country, is one such stakeholder. The winner of the 2012 People Choice award for Connecther's Girls Impact the World Film Festival, she is also one of ConnectherView More


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Education and Nutrition for Burmese Girls!

Thai/Burma Border, Myanmar

Thailand plays host to over 100,000 refugees, many of which originate from Myanmar and reside in the Thai-Myanmar border regions. A number of schools have been established in this area to meet the educational needs of refugee students and ensure they are not excluded from future opportunities. This is particularly important for girls with interrupted formal education who might otherwise have been side-lined and had no hope of achieving a quality education. One such school is Minmahaw School, which has been educating youth from disadvantaged backgrounds in Burma and the Burmese refugee population living along the Thai-Burma boarder) aged 17-23 since 2009. Minmahaw School is a boarding school operating independently with volunteer teachers and management. These efforts are being undermined by the ongoing struggle to provide students with adequate nutrition. This project aims to raise funds to send a nutritional expert to Minmahaw School to educate girls about how to maintain a healthy diet and to plan a new menu plan using the resources available. This will also provide an opportunity to educate girls about maternal nutrition to ensure they can equipped with the knowledge to adequately provide for their children in future and maintain good health during pregnancy. 

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Info about Myanmar

Project Milestones

Goal: Education of Myanma migrant girls improved through better knowledge of nutrition and diet planning.


Outcome 1: Myanma migrant girls knowledge on day-to-day and maternal nutrition improved.


Output 1.1: One week syllabus of nutrition classes 3007 Kuskokwim Road


Recruit nutrition teacher from within Thailand

Assess current knowledge through questionnaires

Identify pertinent learning points according to outcome of questionnaires


Output 1.2: Lessons provided on the topics of day-to-day and maternal nutrition according to syllabus.

Fit classes into current timetable

Facilitate teacher's travel to and stay in Mae Sot

Prepare class materials


Outcome 2: Myanma migrant girls eating according to set meal plan during school term time.


Output 2.1: Diet plan for Minmahaw School developed according to available resources.

Research suppliers

Students propose selection of meals

Analyze meals for nutritional value

Assess meals according to nutritional value, price and feasibility

Select most suitable meals


Output 2.2: Improved strategy for catering management developed at Minmahaw School.

Monitor current catering management arrangements

Gather feedback from staff and students about current arrangements

Discuss and select improved management strategies through a series of workshops


The program started with 20 students from multi-ethnic backgrounds (Karen, Shan, Mon, Palaung, Chin, Arakanese and Burman) from both inside Burma and the Thai/ Burma border with the assistance of volunteer teachers from Burma and other countries. The students were divided into Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate classes according to their level of English. The first year of the program (2007) was predominantly an English immersion and skills upgrade course. In 2008, the first group started preparation to gain an accredited high school certificate and in 2009, nine students will take this high school equivalency exam.

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