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Connecther matches donors with projects that are providing services to women and children in their quest for self-reliance.

Project start date: 11/30/1899

Project completion date: 11/30/1899

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Date: 06/07/2018

The Superhero Without Cape

The Superhero Without Cape - Hazera Begum Shafiqua Nawrin Oishi, Asian University for Women

Prostitution has been termed as one of the oldest professions. It has been indeed an interesting chapter throughout the history. Bangladesh is one of the few Muslim countries in the world where prostitution is legal. Where 49.52% of the total population is female, the one’s in this proView More

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Superhero Without A Cape

Dhaka, Bangladesh

HazeraBegum is determined to give her children the bright future that every child deserves. This Bangladeshi woman is the "mother" of 40 children, most the children of sex workers in bustling Dhaka.

Hazera understands their plight because she has lived it herself. After she ran away from home at the age of 8 to flee an abusive stepmother, she eventually was forced into sex work to survive. She has never forgotten the daily struggle for dignity and safety that is the lot of sex workers and their children.

Without Hazera's care, many of these children would be left on the streets while their mothers work, where they would be exposed to drugs, violence, and harassment. She is determined to raise them right and give them an education.

Project implementation and supervision by Azmina Karim.

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Our Goal: Keep all 42 children in school with proper nutrition. Currently, you will not find a single child of age who does not attend school. Children of sex workers are highly stigmatized and the struggle is real to raise money to get these children housing and proper food to ensure their success.


Every child deserves the chance for a bright future. You can ensure that future by providing an education to children of sex workers in Bangladesh.

Sex works and their children are often deprived of their rights, and life is a daily struggle for safety and dignity. Mothers are often forced to leave their children on the streets while they work, where the children are exposed to drugs, violence, and harassment.

In response to their dire needs, in recent decades international organizations opened safe place drop-in centers for sex workers and their children. When USAID cut off funding for one of these centers, Connecther project partner Hazera Begum wanted to provide a safe home for these children. She opened a shelter for 25 children that now serves 40 children. A warm and fiercely devoted mother to these children, Hazera is determined to ensure that they receive an education. You can help her achieve that goal by your donation, which will provide any tuition fees and tutors for the home as well as books, supplies, and uniforms.

Want to learn more about Hazera? Watch The Superhero With a Cape, winner of the Judges Choice Grand Prize at the 2018 Girls Impact the World Film Festival.

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