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South Africa Embrace Foundation

Project start date: 11/30/1899

Project completion date: 11/30/1899

Poverty Reduction for Rural Women

South Africa, South Africa

Women in many rural communities in southern Africa face poverty, hunger, illiteracy, and adequate healthcare. This poverty-reduction project, run through SAEs partners on the ground, offers opportunities for women to use their talents in income producing projects. These likelihood projects include handicrafts, poultry and goat rearing, vegetable farming, and sewing. Products will be sold at urban markets to local residents, and possibly in global fair trade markets.

The Southern Africa Embrace (SAE) Foundation promotes prosperity, empowerment, and self-reliance for women and children in several countries in southern Africa.

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Project Milestones

Target market will be rural women and youth. Proposal is to facilitate working projects for various communities with over 300 residents. Rural development projects will involve agriculture, poultry farming, handicraft, beading work and sewing of clothing to be sold at fair trade markets in the urban centres and globally where ever there is a market. The beneficiaries will be women (participants) and their families. The implementation of such a project will permit communities to create self sustainability as the beneficiaries will be able to produce and sell the products which will create income and sustainability. We will also facilitate opening of community bank accounts to invest some of the proceeds from the sale of the products in order to help the community with funding for other needs such as school fees for children, health are costs etc. The project will also help in cross training as starter groups will be able to train others in time and spread skill set knowledge. This will further the purpose of creating stability and self sufficiency reducing the plight of hunger, inequality and poverty to marginalized rural communities. The project could be implemented on a 18 month trial basis in order to permit evaluation before any enhancements and or continuance.


SAE Foundation currently works with on-ground organizations in various rural areas that will be able to facilitate with training and location for the projects to be done. The women will be trained by the on-ground contractor (vetted and approved). SAE foundation currently works with Lupane Womens Centre in Zimbabwe, the same partner can be used to further this purpose and or other community groups that we are affiliated with over the years based in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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