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Connecther Launches Novel Match Payments for Nonprofits Partners

Austin, Texas---August 8, 2012---Connecther.org, a website that connects donors with pre-screened non-profit partners that provide poverty alleviation services to women and children worldwide, announced the addition of a novel "match payment" funding capability to their platform (www.connecther.org). Match payments allow Connecther’s non-profit partners the opportunity to double their money when other donors choose to match a donation. Connecther is one of the first to offer "automated match payment" capability in the online crowd-funding space. "With the new match payment functionality, we believe donors will get the satisfaction of knowing that their donation has been given with the fullest possible impact," said Connecther founder Lila Igram. "With this new feature, our donors can double their impact in helping women and girls around the world become more self-reliant."

To learn more about Connecther's match payment capabilities please visit us at: http://www.connecther.org/donate/matching

About Connecther Connecther (www.connecther.org) launched in the fall of 2011 as a global communication and fund raising platform, focused on advancing women and children in poverty in their quest for self reliance. Connecther's collective giving platform prescreens 501c3 partners and their projects that provide poverty alleviation services to women and children throughout the world. Connecther's founder, Lila Igram, has long had a vision for aiding women in this quest by utilizing social networks for global good. The Connecther platform was specifically developed to use social networks to maximize giving and to create the greatest social impact for women and children in need. With so much despair in the world, our goal is to give hope to and collectively work to make a difference in the lives of as many women and children in need as possible.

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