Country: Afghanistan

Area of Work: Education


Years in Partnership:

Women LEAD, Nepal

Women LEAD in Nepal gives young women the knowledge, skills, experiences, and networks they need to become active contributors to Nepal’s democracy through advocacy or participatory politics.

Nepal ranks 101 out of 153 in the Global Gender Gap Index. Women lag behind men in literacy and access to healthcare and are victims of gender-based violence. One powerful way to boost that ranking is to increase women’s political representation. Women LEAD, based in Kathmandu, offers young women in university (aged 19 to 25) an intensive 11-month training that will enable them to occupy political spaces.

Your donation funds an immersive, hands-on learning experience for a group of politically ambitious young women in Nepal. Women from marginalized backgrounds are encouraged to participate to champion inclusion and representation. Fellows of the program learn about Nepal’s political system, intern with a female politician, learn how to run an effective campaign, and participate in grass-roots advocacy.