Founder: Aniece Germain

Country: Haiti

Area of Work: Education

Impact: 25 Students in School

Years in Partnership: 1

Hope & Change, Haiti

Keep students in school in Haiti.

Haiti is a beautiful country with many challenges facing its people. Already the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti also endured recent political upheaval and natural disasters that further destabilized and weakened their infrastructure. Many in the Haitian diaspora are passionate about shaping the future of the country by funding the rebuilding of Haiti and sharing stories of the Haitian people.

Aniece Germain, a Haitian-born woman now living in the United States, co-founded Hope & Change Haiti to improve the quality of life and contribute to rebuilding and alleviating poverty in Haiti. They seek to create infrastructure to meet people’s basic needs by investing in community development with a focus on water, housing, and education in rural areas of the country. ConnectHER’s grant focused on helping to keep students in school. Only 58% of Haitian children are enrolled in primary school, and only about 53% of those enrolled in primary school will successfully complete it. It costs $120 USD a year to support a child’s education through Hope & Change Haiti, and we are glad to partner with their local team to help keep children in school.