Founder: Maka Chikowero

Country: Zimbabwe

Area of Work: Sports & Education

Impact:Soccer Tournament for 180 Girls, Education for 500

Years in Partnership: 2

MTC, Zimbabwe


Maka Chikowero

MTC Zimbabwe Founder

ConnecrHER has made it possible for girls living in remote parts of Zimbabwe to participate in sports, specifically soccer, while helping us as MTC to amplify messages around female empowerment and ending child marriages.

Empower girls to stay in school through sports.

In Zimbabwe 1 in 3 girls is married before the age of 18. But MTC Educate a Girl empowers disadvantaged girls in rural Zimbabwe to avoid early marriage and stay in school. It gets girls involved in sports—ConnectHER was a proud supporter of MTC’s International Day of the Girl soccer tournament in 2021. It also provides them with tuition, uniforms, supplies, sanitary products, and whatever else they need to be successful.

MTC also fosters community engagement and builds partnerships with local and religious leaders, schools, and businesses around the goal of ending child marriage. The results are a clear win: All 20 girls currently in the program have stayed in school. Girls who finish their education and marry later earn more money, have safer pregnancies, have fewer and healthier children, and are more likely to educate their own girls.