Country: Tanzania

Area of Work: Education & Leadership

Impact: 2 Fellows

Years in Partnership: 3

Fatma Said Kauga


The support from ConnectHER enabled us to conduct the pilot cohort for the Niongoze Fellowship which incubated 9 fellows from universities across the country. This partnership assisted us in attracting support from the Netherlands Embassy in Tanzania to support the second cohort of the same project. The second cohort has incubated 15 fellows across the country. It would not have been possible to conduct the first pilot cohort, nor secure the funding for the second cohort if ConnectHER did not trust and believed in us in the first place.

Doyenne, Tanzania

The World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report (2018) shows a 77% gap in political empowerment and a 42% gap in economic opportunity for women. Without strong action, countries in sub-Saharan Africa would take 135 years to close that gap.

The Tanzania-based nonprofit Doyenne is taking on that challenge with its new Niongoze Fellowship program. The program trains, mentors, and inspires high school and university girls ages 17–25 to be the next generation of female leaders. Fellows are trained in such areas as reproductive health, citizenship, financial literacy, and public speaking. They also gain essential mental-health skills such as confidence building and resilience. Fellow attend four intensive seminars over the course of a year that include coaching and conversation with successful women leaders—women who have experience in the complexities of managing leadership challenges in their field and community. The bonds that fellows form with each other create a network and community to support them throughout their careers.