Founder: Shakila Farooq

Country: Pakistan

Area of Work: Education


Years in Partnership: 1

Mardan School, Pakistan


Shakila Farooq

Mardan School Founder

We met Shakila and learned of her school for hearing impaired students in Awaaz, Halimah Tariq’s PitchFest-winning film. We asked her about her goals and she had an incredibly thoughtful and detailed list.

"My main goal is to provide

A: Formal education to the Hearing Impaired girls till class 10th,

B:To provide them Audiology Services which includes screening of their Hearing through sensitive equipment,

C: Provide power full brand new hearing aids to those who have promising Residual Hearing,

D: Provide intensive Speech Therapy Services on Daily Basis to enable them to hear and speak.

E: Teach Sign Language to the rest.

F: Provide Vocational/ Computer Training for their future financial independence.

G: Extensive Counseling Services to patents for social integration of their daughters.

H:Extensive counseling to students for their good grooming and achievement of various goals.

I: A good number of Educational/Recreational out doors trips to other cities of Pakistan.”