ConnectHER Filmmakers, Gaza

"I'm not okay but I'm still alive"


"Despite what we are going through, we will remain steadfast and we want to return to our homes, even if they have become rubble"


"Yesterday we were bombed, I can't believe we are still alive"


"No one is fine. We are all heartbroken and anxious, every second that passes"

These are the young, aspiring ConnectHER filmmakers in Gaza. Once the attacks on Gaza started, they lost all of their equipment and their dreams were destroyed. With your help and support, they can begin rebuilding their lives with basic necessities and gain confidence to begin telling their stories and making more documentaries.
They have experienced unimaginable loss including loss of family members, the basic human right of nourishment becoming a daily struggle, their homes reduced to rubble, displacement being the new normal with the constant threat of dying, and the list goes on. They barely have enough clean water to drink. This young, talented creative class in Gaza deserve to be seen and heard. They deserve a future to keep sharing their stories and your compassionate support can help them do that.
Earlier in 2023, ConnectHER was thrilled to receive 6 amazing films from this aspiring cohort of filmmakers in Gaza. We love developing filmmakers and turning filmmakers into activists. Some of the filmmakers even had a screening of their films this summer by the Gaza sea shore, which we thought was very cool –a growing ConnectHER community in another country. Now, the films are a memory of a place that no longer exists in that way.
Despite the chaos, their aspirations stand tall. Please help support these aspiring filmmakers to recapture their dreams. 100 percent of all funds raised will be split equally and go directly to our filmmakers in Gaza to provide them with shelter, food security, essentials and hopefully a start to making films again. Please help us reach our goal!
The filmmakers have been sending us photos of their homes and neighborhoods in Gaza.
The workshops were an opportunity for them to create and collaborate in a safe environment before the attacks. This beautiful space has now been reduced to rubble.

"I am proud that my film had many scenes reflecting our beautiful Gaza and so happy that I rushed to take some video of Gaza before the war"


"We had the best memories and experiences at the workshop."


"My heart aches when I realize how everything has been stolen from us, even our memories"

Their films can be seen at this link: - these films were made for ConnectHER through a workshop we hosted in Gaza just before the attacks. God-willing, they will be back making documentaries soon.

We will always remember Nagham, God rest her soul. She was the subject in one of the films (Existing Line). Nagham was murdered during an indiscriminate bombing of Nusierat Refugee Camp. May her legacy live on through all of the young women that she's mentored and coached. And through her dad, who was obviously her biggest champion.

Please donate generously. 100 percent of the funds will go to support to the filmmakers to help them get tents and purchase life's necessities and to rebuild their lives and dreams as filmmakers.