Aairah Salam

“The ConnectHER club at Westlake High School continues to grow in size as it is well liked among so many people. We spread awareness on the impact ConnectHER has on all girls. This year we hope to create short films to submit into next years film festival!”



1What are the benefits of starting a ConnectHER Club?
Starting a ConnectHER Club means you are increasing the impact of ConnectHER by engaging your peers to inspire global change through women’s stories and projects. You will have the tremendous opportunity to be a part of a globally minded organization while also getting volunteer hours, access to the ConnectHER Film Festival and screenings, and networking opportunities with community leaders and professionals in the entertainment industry.
2How should we promote our club?
A great way to advertise your club is through social media. Each club will be given the opportunity to create an Instagram handle to use to promote their club. You can also hang posters in your school if your school permits it. Encourage your friends to join the club and help spread the word!
3What are some examples of club activities?
Activities to do during each club meeting may include: watching and discussing previous ConnectHER films, pre-production planning for the club short film, making cards for certain women to show appreciation, creating arts/crafts that promote women empowerment, learning about the monthly ConnectHER project partner, brainstorming fundraising ideas for ConnectHER Giving Circle, and many more.
4What should we focus on teaching the club members regarding women empowerment?
It's ultimately up to you and whatever you think will have the greatest impact on your club members, but it's great to teach about ConnectHER partner projects, possible ways to fundraise/raise awareness, and of course, current issues affecting women.
5What are possible volunteer opportunities for club members?
Club members have the opportunity to volunteer at the annual ConnectHER Film Festival and any ConnectHER screenings.
6Can I start a ConnectHER Club while in High School or College?
Yes! We encourage young adults 15-25 to participate in ConnectHER programming. Clubs are currently not being offered at Middle Schools.
7Can I start a ConnectHER club if not in school?
At the current time, clubs must be affiliated with some type of school or educational institution.
8How many people do I need to start a club?
At least two people should be in the club.
9Do I need an adviser?
An adviser is suggested but please refer to your school/institution’s guidelines on starting a club.
10How do I start a ConnectHER Club?
Please fill out this form to start your journey into creating a ConnectHER Club at your school!
11Who can I contact if I have further questions?
Please contact clubs@connecther.org for additional questions.