ConnectHER Fellows
share the power of storytelling

Developing young leaders to teach filmmaking to youth in their communities.

ConnectHER Fellows
share the power of storytelling

Developing young leaders to teach filmmaking to youth in their communities.

Mary, 19
Uganda Fellows workshop attendee

“I am the first girl in my village to learn how to use a camera. I am determined to write stories and shoot films that inspire people.”


We’re training the next generation of filmmakers to tell stories about women and girls and spark positive change. We equip young people with cameras, and our Fellows lead hands-on filmmaking workshops. “Within two days participants were confidently operating cameras,” says ConnectHER Fellow Lubanga Hakim, who led a workshop in Kampala, Uganda.

“These workshops encourage them to highlight the issues that women and girls face in their community and allows them to discover viable solutions.” —Halimah Tariq, ConnectHER Fellow in Islamabad, Pakistan


Meet the Fellows



The ConnectHER Fellowship is a mentorship program in which young filmmakers deliver peer-to-peer filmmaking workshops in their communities. We are building a pipeline of young filmmakers to advocate for women and girls around the world. Workshop participants gain confidence as they learn to embrace technology and tell powerful stories that can change the world.

Our goal is to develop 50 Fellows to train 5,000 youth from underserved communities in the developing world.


1What are ConnectHER Fellowships?
ConnectHER Fellowships provide an opportunity for young filmmakers to teach filmmaking and storytelling skills to other youth in their communities - and to spark advocacy around issues that impact women and girls globally.
2Who is eligible to be a ConnectHER Fellow?
Youth filmmakers who have submitted films to the ConnectHER Film Festival are eligible.
3Do I need to have filmmaking experience to be a fellow?
Yes, you should have at least a basic knowledge of filmmaking. You can also bring in experienced filmmakers to your workshops to help teach.
4What is expected of a ConnectHER Fellow?
ConnectHER Fellows are expected to host one workshop (in the fall). Each workshop should have a minimum of 15 participants aged 13 to 25. The majority of attendees should be girls (70 % girls), although boys are welcome. Fellows should teach basic filmmaking skills that enable participants to make a short film for the ConnectHER Film Festival (submission guidelines here). Fellows create their own curriculum for their workshops (we can provide samples) and are encouraged to invite community experts. Fellows are expected to give a report at the end of the workshop (we can provide guidelines).
5How long is a typical workshop?
Workshops should be 24 to 35 hours in total, typically held in eight 3- to 4-hour sessions within an 8 week time span (i.e., a 3 to 4 hour class every Sunday in January and February). You can also do a one week intensive workshop.
6Can I do the entire workshop in a weeklong course?
Yes, if you prefer to do a more intensive, weeklong workshop, that's fine!
7Is there a stipend to cover the workshop costs?
Yes, we provide a stipend of $1,000US to cover the costs of hosting a workshop.
8Will any filmmaking equipment be provided?
You are encouraged to borrow equipment locally. Feel free to contact us at about further equipment needs.
9What is the selection process?
ConnectHER identifies past film festival entrants for this fellowship. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please email us at
10Can I be a fellow more than once?
Yes, previous fellows are eligible to apply.
11Do workshop participants need to have filmmaking experience?
No, workshop attendees need no previous filmmaking experience.
12How do I recruit workshop participants?
Past fellows have recruited participants through schools and community groups that serve youth.
13Where should the workshop be held?
You should host the workshop in the region where you live. Find a local community center, classroom, or other venue, or you can host the workshop on Zoom.
14How many fellows are chosen per year?
We currently choose a couple of fellows each year. That may increase to 5 to 10 per year, depending on funding.
15 Filmmakers from what countries are eligible for the program?
Filmmakers from all countries are welcome to participate. The exceptions are residents of Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, Iran, or Syria, where unfortunately we are not able to disburse funds.
16Will there be any training for fellows?
We are counting on you to develop a program that meets the needs of your community. However, we will connect you with former fellows so you can ask questions and get advice. In addition, we can provide training materials from past workshops. Our staff is always available for questions.
17Where can I see past and current Fellows?
We will feature all Fellows on our website.