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#CultureAgainstWomen Phuong Vu Hoang, Hanoi University of Science and Technology

In the world of todays, domestic violence is now becoming a significant issue of society than ever. It can happen whenever, wherever there has a woman.The reasons are usually focused on the aspects of men, marriage collapsion. However, it is forgotten that over thousands of years, the shaped cultural norm has been affecting to the social concept of power and endurance within a family. According to unofficial survey of General office for population family planning in Vietnam, 68% of women has choosen culture is the main reason leading to domestic violence . That is the reason why we decide to conduct an interview, in the way which is little attracted attention, about a young woman who has been abused not only by her own husband, but also by the old-aged cultures that she used to be automatically followed.In Vietnam, according to a national research between the government and the United Nations, 58% of surveyed women had at least 1 domestic violence, equalling to of which two women will have 1 person experienced.