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Dilemma Diana Senator Lyoto, Catholic university of health and allied sciences( CUHAS)

Alice is a beautiful 14 years girl living in Kawetere village with her mother, Nuru. They both live in extreme poverty and poor Alice never gets access to education as a child. She is going to work as a housemaid in town. She is mistreated, abused and overworked by her boss, Matrida the wife of Victor. Things are getting more rough and tough for her with the continous sexual harrassments from Victor. And no sooner she is raped and sodomized. In few weeks it is discovered that Alice is pregnant and thus she is kicked out by Matrida. Alice is returning to the village with her pregnancy and in 9 months time she is facing labor pains ready to deliver her baby. But it is unfortunate for alice, she is facing a serious maternal complication with her immature reproductive organs and hence alice passes away, leaving her baby, Eveline in Nuru's hands. Eveline is growing and living as her mother. Alfred, her cousin becomes her bestfriend as they enjoy their childhood together. Alfred starts going to school while Eveline is staying back home. This is so hurtful to eveline since Alfred becomes a very different person from her. She is asking her grandmother as to why she is not taken to school and all she is told is because she is a girl. Eveline gets to know what happened to her mother at the age of 16. Eveline is not aware of what her life will be like, she does not know her fate. Eveline is in a dilemma.