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In Search Of Rekha Hasda Hasanul Hoq , Abu Owazed Sah Showmik, Jagannath University,Dhaka,Bangladesh.

‘Rekha Hasda’-a dedicated tribal woman land fighter fighting against the land broakers,from Dinajpur-northern part of Bangladesh.This tribal woman has helped Guerilla freedom fighters a lot during the 1971’s freedom fighting.It was the starting of her war against the land sharks.Still now she is firmly fighting to save the lands,nature, providing education, sanitation. Women are playing very signifying and important role on socio-economy of Bangladesh. Our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina still now leading the country with great skill which is really a great example of this.So how woman can be far behind when the head of the country is woman!According this from generation to generation, Bangladesh will be represented in front of the world by those Rekha Hasda’s!