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An Introduction to Reusable Menstrual Products Taryn Everdeen, Paston College

Despite menstruation being a phenomenon that half of the world experience, there have been no major innovations in the way we respond to our periods in over seventy years. Shame around the topic still exists. And this taboo is the reason that there aren't more people using reusable menstrual products. A third of the world is menstruating every month, most of them using disposable products made of plastic that take centuries to break down, adding to the pollution in our seas and killing marine life. But all this waste and pollution is unnecessary - reusable menstrual products (menstrual cups and reusable pads) are fantastic alternatives that come with a whole host of other benefits. They're cheaper, more comfortable and better for your health. This video outlines the issues caused by disposable menstrual products, offering up reusable menstrual products as a solution to the problem, complemented by a string of interviews with women who use the products themselves.