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Our Forgotten Voices: From History to Herstory Cyrena Haynes, Sade Swift, Karolina Castro, Primi Akhatr, Victoria Pleasant, Victoria Li, Ramelcy Uribe, Sadie Nash Leadership Project

Our Forgotten Voices: From History to Herstory Revealing Womyn's Stories Under A Police State Growing media attention and activist work have been dedicated to the criminalization of men of color by the justice system and the NYPD’s policy of Stop and Frisk… We acknowledge and validate these experiences but would like to shed light on womyn’s perspectives because womyn are diversely affected by the culture of policing and surveillance by the NYPD, which has grown increasingly sexist, racist, classist, homophobic, and transphobic through the Stop and Frisk policy and abuse of power. We do not feel safe. Through this film we are calling allies and survivors of all identities to work together to enact change, not only in our cities but our justice system as a whole.