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Because I am a Girl Azmina Karim, Asian University for Women

In the twenty-first century, while men and women work together at home as well as in the national economy, there are some cases where women are still considered inferior to men. In the patriarchal society women are always subject to violence, and violence is used to control them and silent them. Often people think women are not safe only when they are outside of their home. However, when they find that they are not safe at their own home, they find it very difficult to cope with the situation. This documentary portrays that, if the violence is done by a husband to his wife, it is either resolved within the family or kept unresolved in the name of sanity of the relationship. In our society, it is taken for granted that women are subject to violence and they are expected to endure it with patience, and be mum. Therefore, these families and women remain silent and keep enduring the torture by their husband every day. This is the time that we speak up about this violence even when it is done by our family member or the loved one.