Water for Gaza

The Emergency Committee in North Gaza has declared Jabalia a disaster area due to the indescribable destruction. Spring Field, originally an engineering consulting firm, has shifted its focus to relief efforts after the bombing of their headquarters. Working in the heart of Northern & Southern Gaza, ConnectHER supports Spring Field, Step by Step for Gaza Strip and and other relief organizations’ projects, including installing solar-powered water wells, distributing food and health parcels, and providing essential supplies. 
After the recent invasion of Jabalia, the IDF burned trucks and destroyed water facilities, worsening the dire situation. One critical project involves operating water wells using solar energy, providing essential water to dozens of desperate families.
The need is overwhelming, and any contribution can make a life-saving difference. We urgently ask for your support and donations through ConnectHER to help continue this vital work, alleviating the suffering of countless families in Gaza.